Shapes of Nature

Subtle and harmonious, stark and expressive, and above all authentic, this is exactly how NATURE is – an endless source of inspiration.

The SHAPES OF NATURE collection of fabrics consists of shapes taken from nature and transferred into unique fabric structures: innovative corduroy – irregular and three-dimensional, French boucle loops or expressive weaves of chenille yarn.

The naturalness of the collection is also emphasized by its colour range, from blues in many versions: soothing sky blue, vibrating navy blue of the oceans or cool azure of the seas, through universal beiges of desert sands and timeless greys imitating rising water, to more energetic hues of tropical forest green and red canyons. The diversity of nature expressed in expressive weaves, subtlety in calming, warm colours.

The Shapes of Nature is a unique design that corresponds to the latest trends. The fabrics will fit perfectly into both minimalist and modern interiors.

Nature calms, fills with optimism, soothes and relaxes. Live close to nature – create your dream space with the Shapes of Nature collection.