tuesday, 08 january 2019

Fashion steps in to interiors – new collections of Fargotex Group fabrics

On January 8, during the International Heimtextil Fair in Frankfurt, three official premieres of the Fargotex Group collection of furniture and decorative fabrics will take place. The leading Polish distributor will present the effects of cooperation with the famous interior designer and enthusiast – Maciej Zień, as well as present a jubilee collection for the 20th anniversary of the company's existence.

Fargotex Furniture Fabrics, the leading Polish brand of furniture fabrics, is a guarantee of the highest quality, which emerged from a passion and many years of experience. It constantly inspires, enriching its products with additional values: perfect design and innovative technologies.  An example of this is the new Fargotex Atelier collections that open the door to the world of fashion.  The world-renowned designer Maciej Zień was invited to cooperate in the creation of the first of them. The collection has been presented in the form of an elegant book full of ready-made solutions and inspirations for interior design. Fargotex Atelier by Maciej Zień is a variety of fabrics of the highest quality that combine unique design and functionality. Thanks to the Magic Home easy cleaning technology, they ensure comfort and pleasure of use.

Fargotex Group confirms that a good interior starts with the fabrics. By expanding its cooperation with Maciej Zień, the company created another concept of Cosmonova by Zień decorative fabrics. It prepared unique compositions which will help to create a unique interior space. Cosmonova by Zień is a collection that allows you to freely and creatively use decorative and multifunctional fabrics, to make curtains, drapes, pillows or upholstery for your favorite furniture.

Fargotex Atelier’s premiere Jubilee Collection, which sums up Fargotex Group's 20 years on the market, will be a surprise for contractors and visitors during the Heimtextil fairs. This unique composition created for lovers of beautiful interiors as an expression of many years of passion, work, and experience. It was expressed through the preparation of six color lines full of trending colors, natural fibers and a style reminiscent of the paintings of the great Impressionists.

This year's Heimtextil fair in Frankfurt undoubtedly shows the strong position of the Fargotex Group in the textile industry, and the best evidence for this is the new collections reflecting style, customer needs, quality, and functionality.

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