tuesday, 22 february 2022

New Technology Magic Home Max

Magic Home Max is an innovative technology that meets the most demanding users. These are unique fabrics that combine the best features of Magic Home, i.e. easy cleaning, pet friendly and virus protect with above-average water resistance, while at the same time air permeability. In addition, they are characterized by durability and resistance to abrasion.

 Magic Home Max technology is perfect for commercial interiors, such as hotels, restaurants, service salons, shops and in any other places where design must blend in with quality and usability.

In addition, the fabrics guarantee safety for human life and health, confirmed by the OEKO-TEX® Certificate.

Magic Home Max fabrics are distinguished by a waterproof membrane that ensures waterproof material and non-ingress of liquid.

Waterproof fabrics are perfect for demanding conditions, where they are exposed to increased exposure to various external factors. They do not let moisture through, so they are an ideal proposition for places particularly exposed to liquid flooding. Additional comfort of use is ensured by air permeability. It is a response to the highest expectations of customers, for whom the priorities, apart from appearance, are comfort of use and functionality.

Our latest proposal is Stark fabric. In addition to the extremely functional properties of Magic Home and Magic Home Max, it is distinguished by a melange coloring with a print in a darker shade. The fabric is very pleasant to the touch, and visually resembles wool. Stark will perfectly fit both into the modern interior and the Scandinavian style. Harmony in any space will also be ensured by a wide range of colors. The fabric will work in any commercial space – from hotels, through workplaces, to hospitals.

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