Magic Home

an easy cleaning technology for fabrics and carpets

As early as at the production stage, the fibers of Fargotex fabrics and carpets are covered with a special product that forms an advanced Magic Home protective barrier. As a result, any spots can be quickly and effectively cleaned, without interference with the unique structure of the material.

Spots disappear without a trace - how is that possible? Thanks to the Magic Home technology, you can feel free. You can forget about your worries and enjoy the moment while relaxing with a cup of coffee, carelessly playing with your child, or having a glass of wine with your friends.  If you make a spot by accident, you can clean it with water, a paper towel, or a school eraser. The spot will magically disappear and the surface will regain its excellent look. As if nothing happened...


  • Not every easy-to-clean Magic Home fabric has hydrophobic properties.
  • A Water Repellent fabric is not an easy-to-clean fabric.

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