Aura Italia

Aura Italia is a sentimental postcard from a trip through the most beautiful regions of Italy.
Idyllic August afternoons, summer evenings and moonlit nights, picturesque roads lined with cypress trees, architecture, and last but not least, the memory of mosaics of smells, shapes and colours captured in harmonious, unique weaves and structures.

Aura Italia is a collection of fabrics based on natural fibres such as cotton, linen and viscose.
Their austerity is emphasised by expressive weaves in which boucle and chenille yarns and
a whole range of irregularly twisted yarns are intertwined. Formed in original patterns: houndstooth,
geometric shapes and distinct structures that delight with their colours, they are shown in the composition with velvet and suede-like fabric.

Decorative fabrics from the Aura Italia collection enhance the beauty of the interior, and at the same time bring back memories of the most charming regions of sunny Italy, blended with a feast of colour.


GET INSPIRED Discover fabrics made
of memories of journeys
through the most
beautiful areas of Italy.
VERONA Experience the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets shrouded in pastel, powdery and champagne pinks in contrast to a deep red wine shades. The unique composition of light pink and burgundy is blended here with warm beigeor in the contrastwith graphite.
FIRENZE Let your imagination take you to central Italy to be surrounded by inspiring architecture and monuments bursting with blurred turquoisesand warm white tones. Mint threads, in a whole range of shades, create unique patterns, which at elegant, light way creates the fabrics of the Aura Italia collection.
GENOVA Visit the seashore of the north-west Italy which with a full extravaganza of deep blues outlines the panorama of this quaint port city. The cool breeze, the swoosh of the waves in the distance and beautiful navy blue accents are reflected in the delightful patterns on the fabrics in the Aura Italia collection.
TRENTO Enjoy wonderful moments in picturesque northern Italy admiring the mountains shrouded in green nature. The plenitude of olive, grassy shades, flowing with colourful draperies towards the valley, has become a fantastic inspiration for the extraordinary fabric patterns of the Aura Italia collection.
TOSCANA Spent the vacation time in one of the most picturesque, atmospheric and inspiring parts of Italy. Among the original design of the fabrics of the Aura Italia collection, find memories of golden-yellows rays of the sun, mingling with rust coloured architecture of Toscana.
PALERMO Visit sunny Sicily at least for a moment where sophisticated anthracite tones and blended with elegant hues of greys with the beige background. Contrasts on the fabrics in the Palermo colour line are a metaphor of looking for the places in the shade to have a rest on a sunny day.
Diament Meblarstwa 2022
The Aura Italia collection
has received a recognition in Diament Meblarstwa 2022 awards