The horizon is an apparent line of contact between earth and sky that gives the illusion of infinity. Inspired by this phenomenon, we have created a collection of fabrics that offers unlimited possibilities. The Horizonte collection consists of upholstery fabrics that are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The colour lines refer to the summer landscape and the colours of natural surroundings.

We expressed the inspiration by summer climate with diverse patterns, structures and colours. Among them, there are bouclé fabrics (ISLA, REA), which are an innovation among outdoor fabrics, timeless and universal houndstooth (TWIG), striped design (LAND), which has been popular on terraces for many years, or uniform, muted weaves (HAZEL, CEDAR), which constitute the basis of this collection

Horizonte fabrics have Magic Home properties, guaranteeing comfort in everyday use. Their most important feature is their high score of colour fastness to light, which will allow the colours to last longer. The soft finish makes the fabrics pleasant to the touch and their technical specifications allow for a wide range of applications.

The Horizonte collection is manufactured through textile recycling. The fabrics have been certified by the Global Recycled Standard, which sets out the requirements for certification of recycled fibres. The GRS program aims at increasing the use of recycled materials while taking care of the environment, social conditions or control of chemicals used which are safe for humans and the environment.

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The colour of the sun is an invigorating and energising shade of yellow, which is sometimes bleached against the sky and clouds. The SUNSHINE line fabrics feature colours that reflect the sun’s charming rays, from mornings to late summer afternoons. The fabrics of this line presented on large furniture will introduce a bold colour into the lounge space and will be a vivid accent when used in accessories.
The calm view of beaches, which we identify with warm sand and sea breeze, can be found in the colours of the SAND line. The colours and structures of this line evoke the landscape of a sunlit seaside. Here, you will find different tones of beige juxtaposed with pure white. Neutral, warm tones brighten up our space, creating a minimalist, harmonious composition.
The tropical shades of green of the PALMS line will help to create a space that is an oasis of calm. The soothing palette of this line introduced into residential or outdoor settings brings us even closer to the surrounding nature. The colours of the PALMS line blend perfectly with the natural shades of wood which is a material at terrace spaces.
The fabrics from the WATER colour line reflect the colours of the seas and oceans, alluding to seaside landscapes. We can find here a wide range of blues, from deep navy blues to bleached blues. The shades of this line give a sense of freshness and are reminiscent of a sea breeze.
Inspired by the sound of the wind, the colours of the WIND line are soft greys combined with white or warm beige. These colours are versatile and timeless and can be used in Scandinavian style amongst the muted, subtle colours. The shades of the WIND line are also a good background for many saturated colours. This line is ideal for those who appreciate minimalism in an elegant style.
The colours of the REEF line are reds referring to coral reefs – a natural wonder of the world found in warm regions. The line is distinguished primarily by its energising colours, which allow for the creation of expressive arrangements. Thanks to its saturation, this colour line will give an optimistic character, enlivening any space.



With the welfare of our planet in mind, we have implemented sustainable production solutions, which are essential when it comes to protecting nature and the environment. The Horizonte collection is manufactured through textile recycling. Textiles from production waste are processed into yarn from which new fabrics are made in the next stage. The process is carried out without using water and thus without depleting natural resources. Producing fabrics in a zero waste spirit means leaving a low carbon footprint, which helps us to play an important role in climate protection.

Horizonte fabrics are safe both for people and for the environment. This is confirmed by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate that guarantees that the fabrics are free from harmful substances and allergens. At the same time, the fabrics received the Global Recycled Standard certificate, setting out the requirements for the certification of recycled fibres. The aim of the GRS programme is to increase the use of recycled materials while at the same time taking care of the environment, social conditions and control of chemicals used that are safe both for humans and the environment.


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