The Cosmonova brand was created for beautiful interiors. It is a stunning and unique design line, a wealth of patterns and colors as well as multifunctional fabrics. These collections will allow us to create tasteful interiors. Maciej Zień, a well-known Polish designer, is aware of their undoubtedly important role in designing spaces. His creations have for years been characterized by style, functionality and a sophisticated sense of the aesthetic.
The collection created together with the Cosmonova brand is the best example of this. The common feature is the unique quality of materials and realizations that go beyond the average schemes. Inspired by holiday travels and the designer nature, he transferred its motifs and colors straight on the latest designs. The base constitutes timeless beiges, browns and grays enriched with accents of patterns and colors. He proposes a selection of fabrics that can be used to make curtains, drapes, pillows or upholstery in the interior are more than just an element of the entire arrangement. These are compositions that create the unique world of our interiors.

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