FARGOTEX ATELIER is a new direction opening the door to the world of fashion. Fabric design is our passion, which goes hand in hand with many years of experience. It is a concept of creating a world full of emotions and sensitivity to aesthetics. Creators who are authorities in the field of design are invited to cooperate in creating Fargotex Atelier.
As the first, we invited Maciej Zień to the project. This world-class designer and hothead of interiors takes us on a creative journey, full of creative solutions, which refer in colors to the scenery of the Mediterranean islands. The picturesque palette of colors includes beiges reflecting the sandy beaches, blues and deep navy blues inspired by the infinite seas, as well as charming shades of coral reefs.
Each collection was created to live up our senses. Each inspires to create unique arrangements . Each one was created to beautify our interiors.