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Corbett: a declaration of contemporary Italian style

In the world of interior design, fabrics play a key role, bringing not only texture but also character to a space. If you are looking for a fabric that not only impresses with its aesthetics, but also combines durability and functionality, the Corbett fabric may be an excellent choice.

Corbett's Structural Charm

Corbett fabric is a real treat in the world of textiles. Its uniqueness lies in the marriage of tonally similar shades of yarns with one leading color, which gives it a subtle and expressive character. The deep and distinct weave adds unique depth and dimension to the fabric, which makes it not only a decorative element, but also a style statement.

Contemporary Style Declaration in Italian Edition

Corbett is a true marriage of tonally similar shades of yarns, with one leading color, which gives the fabric extraordinary depth and dimensionality. This modern interpretation of Italian modernism is a true statement of style in contemporary arrangements.

Technical Specifications

Although the beauty of the Corbett fabric speaks for itself, it is also worth taking a look at its technical parameters that prove its high quality and durability:

Martindale test: Over 40,000 cycles, which confirms its high wear resistance.

Friction resistance: Dry 4 / Wet 5, which guarantees that the fabric will retain its appearance even after intensive use.

Tensile strength: Warp 2700 N / Weft 1500 N, which proves its solidity and durability.

Corbett fabric is not just a material, it is a manifesto of style and elegance. Its unique character and high quality make it perfect for both modern and classic interior arrangements, adding unique charm and sophistication to them. If you want to create a space that will delight with its design and functionality, Corbett fabric is an excellent choice.​

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